DEMO S.A. sponsors the “Pablo Picasso-Jean Cocteau, The Modernist Innovators” Exhibition. Last Name. Eligible voters were male Athenian landowners, who had completed their military training and were not slaves; approximately 10% – 20% of the Athenian … Origin: Greek; Meaning of Demo; Classmate Finder; Find Family Tree; Free Dating Sites; Gender: Unknown First Name <100 in the U.S. since 1880. Demo. Greeks also call “demos” when they refer to the local (municipal) government. Family name origins & meanings. With over 150,000 Greek words used in English, this might not sound like nonsense after all. Here's a list of translations. Find more Latin words at! Last Name 1k in the U.S. in 2010. These files are public domain. Asked by Wiki User. Ancient Greek Greece. 1. DEMOS DEMOS was a Unix-like operating system developed in the Soviet Union. demo, demonstrasie-artikel مِثال مُسَجَّل، عَرْض демо demo demonahrávka der Einzugsverzug demo δείγμα μουσικού κομματιού, ντέμο. Δεν βρέθηκαν συζητήσεις για τον όρο "demo" στο Greek φόρουμ. angel (Greek root) Meaning: messenger Examples of Use: evangel; archangel. 0 (historical, Ancient Greece) The term for an ancient subdivision of Attica. English words for demo include subtract, withdraw, take down, take off and take away. Demo definition is - democrat. STARTS WITH De-ASSOCIATED WITH greek, famous. Greek name derived from the elements aristos "excellence" and mache "battle." agon (Greek root) Meaning: contest Examples of Use: protagonist. The story … demos (δήμος) is a noun and it means “municipality”. D emos as a boys' name is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Demos is "the people". Name Meaning. On This Page. (noun) Dictionary ! WordReference English-Greek Dictionary © 2021: Συζητήσεις του φόρουμ με τη λέξη/φράση demo στον τίτλο: Σε άλλες γλώσσες Ισπανικά | Γαλλικά | Ιταλικά | Πορτογαλικά | Ρουμανικά | Γερμανικά | Ολλανδικά | Σουηδικά | Ρωσικά | Πολωνικά | Τσέχικα | Τούρκικα | Κινέζικα | Ιαπωνικά | Κορεατικά | Αραβικά. Similar surnames: Demko, Demo, Simos, Delon, Demus, Remes, Xenos, Delos, Demar, Dobos. Learn more. 0 (historical, Ancient Greece) The ordinary citizens of an ancient Greek city-state. For example, we all know that there is a constant struggle between DEMOcratic and ANTIDEMOcratic forces. How to use demo in a sentence. VARIANTS Demas, Dimos. astron (Greek root) Meaning: star Examples of Use: astronomy. The common people; the populace. Dimos or Demos is a male Greek name which comes from the ancient years.. Dimos in ancient Greek means “people”; this is why we are talking about “democracy”and in modern Greek it also means “municipality”.. Sound of name Dimos: Dee-mos Female Version of name Dimos: N/A Nameday of Dimos: April 10th Origin of name Dimos. Time Traveler for demos. What is the definition of demos? Valorada en 96,5 millones de euros, sus acciones cotizarán a 3,39 euros por acción. 1770–80;
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