View All. Instead of disappearing for a couple of months while I write all this content, I’m planning to publish the results for different aspects as I work through the data. A barrel that comes with an integral muzzle brake is said to be ported. It’d be fun for a brake fabricator to test that! ———————— While almost entirely eliminating recoil, it also reduces muzzle movement to the minimal. One question on the topic of muzzle brakes. Plus the amount of force can exceed 1,000 pounds! I have seen a lot of shim kits but they are all .002 or .0022 increments between each shim, and this would be 18 degrees of rotation between each shim. This is just one of a whole series of posts related to this muzzle brake field test. Sometimes we have to dance with the devil. Hopefully they’ve got those issues sorted out. One of the primary purposes of a brake muzzle is to reduce the recoil felt. Thanks again! I do like the look when they appear to be integral to the barrel, but not at the cost of performance. Think about the goal of the suppressor company making the muzzle brake. At this point, I’m still in the red (i.e. It’s attractive because the work is more production related and not “made to order.” It can also be a pretty high margin product compared to custom rifle builds, and one you just stock on the shelf and ship out pretty easily. Cal is a life-long learner, and loves to help others get into this sport he's so passionate about. As the protocol remained the same as before, we’ll keep the description of it quick. I just didn’t do it … Didn’t seem important to me. Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind Radial baffles increase the surface area for the gas to work against, providing exceptional performance.” I had caliber-specific versions for 6mm, 6.5mm, and 30 caliber in both the 0.985” profile and 1.25” profile versions of this brake. I tried to find a thread adapter for that, but after calling multiple manufacturers … I became convinced it didn’t exist. Message Body: Staying as close to possible to original point of aim was my primary concern for followup shots on groundhogs. It’s pretty eye-opening. But it’s good to get the technicalities out of the way. Thank you for taking the time and money to do this stuff. The bottom line is to deal in absolute fundamentals, measure them, and remove all the assumptions. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. In addition to reducing the felt recoil by over 45%, the primary advantage of our muzzle brake is the reduction in muzzle rise. June 24, 2015 I also collected other information about each model (including price, whether it requires gunsmithing, what calibers it is available in, etc.) FEATURES; COMPARISON; SPECIFICATIONS; AVAILABLE COLORS; VIDEOS ; FEATURES; Ultra-solid Stainless 416. I might just not be a good enough shooter to notice it. I actually think this 3-part series m... Cal: Great question, Joe. Perfect timing. I used a locking nut for the ones that needed it, not a shim kit. Also, since it is made of stainless steel, it can combat extreme heat that might emanate from shooting. I tested 20+ muzzle brakes in many ways, including: Then I took a lot of high-resolution photos and videos of each brake. I assume this is the one you’re referring to: TT. I just can’t test them all, since I do this all in my spare time. Hey, Alex. I am not knowledgeable on this subject, but i have some doubts about ground signature. I couldn’t get other sizes for these tests. Most of the brakes in this test don’t have significant ground signature, but at least one of them does … which is apparent in the high-speed photos. You may also be interested in the AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Roundup here. I also talked him into bringing down his really expensive sound meter setup with him, and that is how I was able to measure the noise level on all these muzzle brakes. GO TO PRB Muzzle Brake Test SUMMARY » Recoil Reduction Cal created a system to directly measure the entire recoil force signature of each muzzle brake using high-speed sensors. But it’s an interesting idea! Well, Heath, I couldn't disagree more. Thanks for sharing, Greg. They may be great, I just don’t have any experience with them. It included several objective tests to quantify the performance of 20+ muzzle brakes designed for precision rifles in 6mm through 30 caliber. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this content, data, or other materials is strictly prohibited without prior express and written permission from the author. Great work, and keep it coming!! I originally didn’t plan to include this brake, but a friend handed me theirs one day. Bryan was talking about rifle sights/optics in the quote above, but it articulates my fundamental philosophy. I am really interested in seeing the sound results come out. For example, on the APA models, there are Gen I and Gen II models. Unfortunately, I hadn’t heard of their company before today. If you knew that you could custom design for individual rifle and cal. I just need to publish the results at this point. I would love to use the lite or big b but my 1/2-28 thread and 9/16 od on my .270 barrel didn’t allow those. The bullet can’t talk, so it cannot tell a lie. You have the option of a Gen 1 and a Gen 2 version of this brake. I’ve handled a lot of designs at this point, and I’d bet it isn’t as effective as some of these other designs … but if you’re on a super-tight budget, it could be an option. This provides a more accurate indicator of the actual sound levels firearms operators will encounter while shooting. MDT Muzzle Brakes for bolt action rifles. The recommendation might vary based on your specific application, but personally I find myself using the JEC and APA Little B* most often for a cartridge that size. This is one method of quantifying rearwards recoil energy. . Is there any evidence that the improved harmonics of the rifle by adding a muzzle break have a positive impact on precision if you take the shooter out of the equation? I’m glad you like my style. Thanks, Adith. I committed to creating a system using high-resolution sensors capable of recording hundreds of data points in a single shot … and I pulled it off. The function of the muzzle brake is to redirect the propellant gases released when the bullet is fired. That’s a great idea. The moving parts might affect how reliable or durable the brake is, because there can be significant carbon build-up on a muzzle device. I can understand the confusion on the pricing chart. “Here are the prices of all the brakes as of August 2015, and it is ordered by the reader’s overall reading.” Thanks, Muz. Here is a price break-down of the different models included (as of August 2015). I bought a Mausingfield action based in large part on your article and will be building a 6.5 Creedmoor setup with it.

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