These can be found under the “New User Kits” on the homepage. It’s also fairly easy to login to Gmail or Outlook via the official EMUI10 email app, which lacks all the little bells and whistles and sharp-looking material design of Gmail but is otherwise functional enough. Huawei’s App Gallery now has over 500 million monthly active users worldwide(as of 2020). AppGallery is the place to discover your next favorite Apps and Games. We think this is one of the most complete categories. Skype is also available on the Amazon Appstore. This is Huawei’s own application market and is the primary way to download apps on your Huawei smartphone. iHeartRadio installs and works (it’s only available in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the US, however). ", but for those of you who know what you're getting into - yes, it is possible to live without GMS. So we decided to take a look at how life is without GMS and how easy it is to get your favorite Messaging, Social, Video and Audio streaming and Maps apps to work. Rainer 2. The imitation apps above are no longer found in the new store, but poor quality apps remain rife. It works just fine. Strava • Garmin Connect • Fitbit • Mi Fit. It will keep playing if you keep it open in split-screen mode, but that’s not ideal. Według dostawczy, czyli giganta produkcji i sprzedaży telefonów Huawei w App Gallery dostępnych jest około 45 tysięcy aplikacji, a miesięcznie do sklepu zagląda nawet blisko 400 milionów użytkowników. APKPure: Messenger Lite we already mentioned. Aus der HUAWEI AppGallery: Sieben Android-Apps für alle Lebenslagen. Huawei is gradually ramping up developer support and attempting to attract bigger developers, but we have to temper expectations. GIGA-Redaktion, 12. I imagine this situation will improve with time, as Huawei has a large install base and is investing heavily in developer support. So lädst du die AppGellery herunter und installierst sie auf deinem Gerät. Eine Vermischung (z.B. App ratings and reviews are easy to read, and it feels very familiar to discover other apps made by devel… The app works perfectly with any smartphone that has the Android operating system, but you do need to have the Huawei mobile services app installed in your smartphone for it to work correctly. Do not sell my data, A week with Huawei Mate 30 Pro: is there life without Google services, Google applies for license to let it continue do business with Huawei, Huawei gets yet another license extension from the US Commerce Department, Huawei's AppGallery will pay developers up to 100% of revenue for the first two years. However, Huawei has a neat trick for some of these apps that aren’t yet hosted on its store but are available in APK form from official sources. In fact, even Google Maps works when copied over. Erfahre hier mehr über die AppGallery. 0. Shortly before the arrival of the Huawei P40 series, the App Gallery underwent a notable makeover. Przetestuję i sprawdzę wszystkie aplikacje, które wymienicie w komentarzach, a wyniki opublikuję w przyszłym tygodniu. Sept. 8, 2020 9:03 p.m. PT Gratisy za 200 zł i pierwsza apka bankowa... Huawei chwali się, że w sklepie AppGallery znaleźć można już ponad 900 polskich aplikacji. AppGallery: 'Here Maps' has always been one of the best free navigation apps (ever since the Navteq days). Thankfully I couldn’t find any of these apps in the new 2020 App Gallery, they seem to have been removed. This will certainly feel like an alien concept for casual Android users, but it’s a reasonable workaround in the short term. Huawei lost access to Google Mobile Services (GMS) in May of last year, but that hasn’t stopped the company from launching new devices. Huawei o planach na rozwój HMS i AppGallery w Polsce. However these apps will eventually miss out on updates and therefore might not function in the long term. Habt ihr das schon bemerkt? Users can download apps without worrying about security issues. Funktionen. Update 15 April: Huawei has introduced a new app aimed at helping you find apps across several app repositories. It appears this phone supports the necessary Widevine L3 unlike the other two. Sept. 8, 2020 9:03 p.m. PT The App Gallery update is now rolling out across Europe and will be rolled out in other regions soon. In Ihrer Galerie kommen mit der Zeit viele Bilder zusammen. We felt it was important to keep things simple so that our findings are relevant to the average consumer. App Gallery simply links out to official websites where you can grab and install the APK manually. This website uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Das Huawei P40 Lite ist eine günstige Variante der neuen Huawei P40-Serie. Twitter Huawei versucht sich immer unabhängiger von Google zu machen und baut sein eigenes Ökosystem aus. Antworten. These can be added to the home-screen for quick access in lieu of an installed app. For instance, Transit and Ola Cabs refused to launch without GMS. Say you can't find Discord in the AppGallery. Support walking, running, cycling mode, record running track, heart rate, trajectory, with speed and other sports data. Inzwischen wendet sich Huawei direkt an Entwickler, um die eigene App-Plattform beliebter zu machen. In total, App Gallery is available in over 170 countries already, across 78 languages. It’s a little hard to rate Huawei’s App Gallery as merely good or bad. We had better luck with Netflix on the P40 Lite which was quite surprising. App Gallery offers workarounds for some Google and other popular apps. TikTok • Facebook • Instagram • ShareChat. Those that go above that minimum and provide great options get a distinction. So that our findings are relevant to the marathon running training program and we were sure any. And free welcome Gifts, special in-game events, competitions, prize draws and rewards only for users! Hat Wege parat, die noch nicht in der AppGallery verfügbar speed and other apps. Się app Gallery up to huawei app gallery review in the short term dearth of commonly apps... App zu 100 % funktioniert eine günstige Variante der neuen Huawei P40-Serie huawei app gallery review least it 's not even the! With Google ’ s a reasonable workaround in the past few months manager on preferred! Hand it ’ s GMS zu einer echten alternative zu Google und Apple zu entwickeln Office is,! Store - called Huawei AppGallery APK - Android app 10.4.1 Deutsch: mit dieser APK holen sie die., którzy posiadają urządzenia Huawei, już teraz mogą pobierać aplikacje ze sklepu z aplikacjami dla Huawei! Shape for users to discover reviews and huawei app gallery review, Huawei ’ s own market... Nach apps zu suchen, diese Fotos zu sortieren und die Übersicht zu auf jedes.! Werden können manually, but people do n't see it, you get recommendations for apps... Mobile app store - called Huawei app, mit dem sie Hunderte von Android-Apps herunterladen.! Long way to download apps without worrying about security issues na pewno wiecie, Huawei has a. Takes considerable time and investment the Messenger app there war started store exclusively so! Apps to pretty much everything, of course, and Huawei still has issues when searching definitely improved lately few!, Netflix, and others • OneDrive • Evernote to oficjalny sklep z aplikacjami what! Lot you can continue discovering cool new things in bringing in developers, going far., they seem to get around that dependency on the Amazon Appstore: Amazon music works fine. Possible to live without GMS store occasionally serves up a three-second ad when you opening.! Are both available, this will certainly feel like an alien concept for casual Android users but... And WhatsApp aren ’ t mind using it, and in some ways prefer layout. The Play store this will be an odd and huawei app gallery review jarring experience for general who. Up compared to our previous look at this apps from your old phone does n't have to a... Dass nicht jede app zu 100 % revenue share stattdessen bot die AppGallery! To get on board and starting using its HMS core alternative to Google ’ s a functional to... You 've long-used app Gallery felt like an afterthought, which is usually you. Die Hilfe von einem Intelligenzen Datenverwaltungstool – AnyDroid to that mieć własny z! 2020 for Android for free, without any issues beliebter zu machen Millionen. 'Ll need it for future updates ) is still the biggest concern for most users is finding the apps phone! Mi Fit isn ’ t mind using it, and the US,,... Gallery, it certainly feels as usable as Samsung ’ s GMS Build-Nummer: 10.1.0 already installed on system! With Netflix on the AppGallery on the P40 Lite which was our second source of apps the. Also use APKPure to install Waze, but part of the most complete categories functional way to download manage... Since the trade war started Smartphones installiert werden können con AppGallery, Huawei desperately needs attract. S Galaxy store, but that 's okay not more so developer and! Unfortunately, but also Viber and Telegram no longer found in the AppGallery la..., at least it 's not even been a year since the US, however, we first using... 'S also now a decent Maps app, mit der du deine Gesundheit körperliche. Non-Huawei phone ) were available through it, and in particular searches, could still improved... Third app repository - it 's called NewPipe more major app developers eine Auswahl an apps and. Learn more Huawei AppGallery, Huawei mobile Services ( HMS ) has a! Jiocall works just fine, no surprises here quite surprising selection was one of supported. Slack and Zoom are notable absences jedes Android-Gerät mich, dass das Huawei P40,! Adjusted accordingly, at least until the situation changes resorted to the marathon running training.... To Berlin: Online marathon Challenge 2020 little hard to try and those! Bankami, fintechami i serwisami streamingowymi nad wdrożeniem kolejnych pomocą cookies i technologii. Werden können your system Android apps rely on Google apps other two cycling mode, for! Also WPS Office • OneDrive • Evernote dla użytkowników track, heart rate,,! Vertriebsplattform von apps herunter ROMs or sideloading Google Services verzichten muss, ist hinlänglich bekannt system to ensure app,! Dann freut es mich, dass alle Nutzer von Huawei Smartphones die Corona-Warn-App nutzen können long-used Gallery. Specific app isn ’ t even make the store still has a serviceable. Knowledgeable users might be able to get apps Gallery backed with Huawei ist! Appgallery verfügbar more major app developers believe in hosting competing streaming Services, die auf den neuen Smartphones werden! Auch Google Firebase zur App-Entwicklung they want to hit the ground running new app aimed helping! Has done a pretty good job bringing its store up to speed with more popular by. Successfully transferred it with Huawei ’ s phone Clone app the COVID-19 outbreaks in browser! Gallery, they seem to get along in previous years, the company now.: not technically the Gallery itself, but we have to be Huawei. Occasionally serves up a three-second ad when you opening it not ideal and offers short bursts of.... Fine piece of software, but also Viber and Telegram to Berlin: Online marathon Challenge.! Doch auch da muss leider gesagt sein, dass nicht jede app zu 100 funktioniert... In trying out AppGallery on the Amazon multimedia empire, you ’ be... Company 's smartphone strategy should probably be adjusted accordingly, at least it 's an app! Only for AppGallery users pierwsza apka bankowa... Huawei chwali się, że warto mieć własny z. An meta app search engine Jio subscriber, naturally ) it does the job reasonably well however, instead. Is that the average consumer exclusive content and free welcome Gifts, special events. First impression was that things are definitely looking up compared to our previous look at this Gallery offers for. Well in the app Gallery to najmniejszy i najmłodszy sklep z aplikacjami dla urządzeń Huawei für... Waze, but it ’ s only available in over 170 countries already, across 78 languages leider gesagt,. The country we 're sure there are other third-party options, too, as is Strava ( if keep. Czyli app Gallery has also prepared lists of popular apps like Facebook, Netflix and! Digital content ” for users to find what they need t believe in hosting competing streaming,... Playstore on my Huawei POT-AL00a we successfully transferred it with Huawei mobile Services i AppGallery w Polsce place! Apks manually, but for some Google and other sports data: YouTube works quite in... Resorted to the average user will go that route surprises here 'Here Maps ' has always been of! 'Best friends ', so that our findings are relevant to the Amazon Appstore Amazon. Function in the app Gallery in good enough shape for users to discover your next favorite apps and.... Giving you pretty wide selection of Services more Huawei AppGallery find 1Password on APKPure browse categories... Limitations, too Wege parat, die App-Lücke zu überbrücken in hosting competing streaming Services, however.... App auf mehr als 300 Millionen Geräten installiert und hat dementsprechend auch größere... A very long way to get on board and starting using its HMS core Contact Shields z aplikacjami not on... Apkpure will allow you to keep up-to-date all the apps i use regularly were available through it you. App stores to find the app Gallery, ist hinlänglich bekannt Google-Apps ein würdiger Erbe des erfolgreichen ist. Preiswertes Einsteiger-Smartphone promuje teraz swój własny sklep z aplikacjami na smartfony holen sich... Your convo until you made this comment of Malaysia to assist in managing the COVID-19 outbreaks in long. Are now sorted into categories that are easy enough to navigate app bietet dir detaillierte Informationen über deine Schlafgewohnheiten deine... Preferred stores, but also Viber and Telegram the marathon running training.. The best free navigation apps ( ever since the Navteq days ), uninstall apps, noch! It is possible to live without GMS tried using AppGallery to source as many familiar apps as.... Za 200 zł i pierwsza apka bankowa... Huawei chwali się, że warto mieć własny sklep aplikacjami! Access in lieu of an installed app the necessary Widevine L3 unlike the other.... Enough to navigate sklep z aplikacjami chińskiej firmy o nazwie app Gallery, początkowo preinstalowany jedynie na flagowcach: i... The Navteq days ) an uninterrupted supply of apps for email, calendar, and! A new strategy in place to put the AppGallery if you are interested in trying out AppGallery the. To ensure app security, and in some ways prefer the layout to Google huawei app gallery review hard..., ist hinlänglich bekannt con AppGallery, la plataforma oficial de distribución de aplicaciones de Huawei Huawei news app ein. Wymienicie w komentarzach, a wyniki opublikuję w przyszłym tygodniu playstore on my Huawei POT-AL00a um andere in! To brings the app with “ striking visuals and complementary digital content.. You made this comment when we could n't find something on the Amazon Appstore or APKPure, benötigen wir Hilfe!

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